Our Services

The Australian Property Gallery prides itself on being a one-stop-investment-shop we take care of our clients from A to Z. We provide our clients with extensive and detailed coverage of the following services:


Funding for your investment purchase in Australia has never been more obtainable through Australian banks and lenders.

With the growth of offshore investment into the Australian residential homes market, more and more Australian lenders have begun to offer their services to overseas clients.

Our specialist Finance Brokers have in-depth knowledge of Australian lending products and practices for overseas clients, foreign investment regulations and a strong understanding of international property investment strategy. This gives you the right information at hand to pursue your next investment.

With local Australian terms available to overseas clients we can offer you a free, no obligation ‘financial health check’ on your current investment portfolio and provide you with options suited to your needs to assist you in growing your investments.

Some key areas our Finance Brokers can assist you with are:

  • Providing options on investment property loans to suit your needs.
  • Assessing your current financial position and advise you on how to grow your investments effectively.
  • Use your existing investment equity to grow your portfolio.
  • Provide you with information on maximising your investment returns and minimising your Australian tax.

The finance options we have available are for:

  • Residential homes
  • Residential apartment
  • Business and Commercial finance

The Australian Property Gallery can also arrange Australian property finance through local bank facilities and from Singapore providers.

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Property management

As a foreign investor one of the biggest concerns is income generation to support the loan or to ensure the expected return on investment. The Australian Property Gallery has established connections with numerous property managers in Australia; we can introduce you to those reputable Property Managers to give peace of mind that your investment will be managed and looked after, with low vacancy periods.


The property manager has two main focuses: the landlord (and property) and the tenant.

  • First is to deliver you, the landlord, the highest level service.
  • Second, to ensure that your tenants maintain your property in excellent order and pay their rent on or before the due date.

The property manager can advertise your property for rent, conduct open for inspection viewing, receive and process applications, approve tenants, conduct routine inspections and follow through day-to-day management of your property.


The property manager will use a number of sources to find tenants such as maintaining close relationships with relocation companies and other letting agents. They also keep and maintain a register of enquiries to best match tenants who are looking for specific properties. They shall ensure that your property is presented at its best to attract the best possible tenant.


The property managers will assess the applicant’s ability to fulfill the financial commitment based on their income. They will contact the given referees and ask questions to ascertain and confirm the applicant’s suitability. Once the property manager believes they have found a suitable tenant, they will contact you to relay the details and gain the final approval. If you have given authority, the property manager can give the prospective tenant approval. Once the tenant has signed the Agreement, the property manager will then contact you to confirm the date the tenant will move into the property.


All rental payments from your tenant are paid directly into the property manager Trust Account. Once these funds are cleared in the account they are forwarded to your nominated bank account. A statement is sent to you each time funds are disbursed to your account, which you can retain for taxation purposes. Your statement will show the rent collected from the tenant and any deductions such as management fees and other incurred expenses such as maintenance.


  • A comprehensive condition report
  • Regular routine inspections twice a year
  • Speedy resolutions of any maintenance Issues
  • Regular and consistent rental payments
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals


Landlord protection insurance is a policy that covers you for items such as loss of rent, damage and theft by tenants, legal expenses and other features. It is highly recommended taking out landlord protection insurance to insure against any unforeseen losses.

Accounting and taxation services

The Australian Property Gallery works closely with clients to determine the most appropriate way to structure their financial affairs in Australia and meet Australian taxation obligations. We can introduce you to specialist Australian taxation accountants who will determine the best tax structure for the investment.

The preferred Australian Property tax specialist works with APG clients to achieve the following:

  • Creating and lodging individual Tax File Number (TFN) for foreign investment clients.
  • Electronic filing for end of year tax returns with tax authorities on foreign client’s behalf.
  • Reconciliation of taxable rental income against Property Depreciation and Cash Allowances.
  • Assessment of Capital Gains Tax payable on a sale, with calculation of the estimated tax liability.
  • Ad hoc advice on property acquisitions and potential effect on individual tax position from leveraging out equity from other investments.

When you meet with one of our agents to discuss your investment, we can provide a spreadsheet that shows the benefits of Depreciation and other Cash Allowances and how those can create Taxation Credits, which may be used in a variety of ways, not least, to eradicate an income tax obligation from an investment property in a ten year period.

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Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is the regulatory body that approves all investment purchases in Australia by foreign nationals. As part of our package we can act on your behalf to secure FIRB approval on your purchases as necessary.

In general the FIRB assesses the purchase of property by overseas investors for investment purposes. The property types that are most usually approved for purchase are:

  • Off-the-plan units and apartments
  • New house and land packages
  • Newly to be built homes
  • Vacant blocks of land (for a new dwelling to be built on within 12 months)
  • Existing homes for purchasers who are Australian Temporary Residents for a minimum of 12 months.

FIRB regulations stipulate that foreign investors can only purchase NEW residential properties and not existing stock. Other restrictions relate to the on-selling of such properties and we will be pleased to advise you on that during a private consultation.

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Australian migration services

Many of our clients have plans to migrate to Australia either in the short or long term. Whilst we do not provide these services ourselves we can arrange one of our preferred agents to meet with you at our Gallery as part of the service we offer.


The decision to migrate to Australia is an important one and worthy of proper care and attention by a trained and qualified legal professional. We engage experienced Registered Migration Agents who specialise in arranging migration to Australia.

Australian Migration Laws and Regulations and DIAC Policy are quite complex and subject to frequent change. The success of your application depends upon it being processed with the correct information, addressing these complex laws and regulations.

Processing time for visa application can also vary significantly and we understand that your time is important. With their legal training and solid experience, our migration agent partners can cut through the red tape, saving you stress, time and therefore money.

Registered migration agents are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct which require high levels of knowledge of migration law and procedures as well as professional and ethical conduct. A registered migration agent can provide you with the following services:

  • Skilled Migrant Visa
  • Business / Entrepreneur Visa
  • Special Investor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Working holiday Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Employment Placement Settlement
  • After Visa Services (Value Added services)

A registered migration agent can provide you with information and advice regarding immigration matters.

Use a registered / licensed migration agent to:-

  • Maximize your chances of visa approval
  • Receive professional advice on all migration matters
  • Minimize the errors and delays from incomplete applications
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance on your application
  • Assuring your matters are constantly reviewed by the immigration agent who shall liaise with the right authorities.

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